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This Is Blogoween!

Hi, kids! This should come as absolutely no surprise, but Halloween is my favorite day of the year. And by day, I mean month, because the entire month of October counts as Halloween in my book. To celebrate, I’m going to be posting every day in October yes! all 31 of them! as part of Blogoween (Bookblogger Style).

If you think that sounds crazy, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet. I’m also going to be posting every day for the 31 Days of Halloween over at We Who Walk Here, Walk Alone. So get your costumes and your candy ready, kids, because we’re going to have some spooky fun times!


  1. Wow…that’s like 62 posts you’re gonna be doing in Oct right? 31 for each blog…*tips witch hat off to you* kudos to you my friend ❤

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  2. Are you part of the Countdown to Halloween blog? You know a Cryptkeeper? Cause I have my name in for that but Blogoween has always fascinated me just because of the title lol I also like All Hallows Read 🙂 Well good luck and happy haunting! 👻

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  3. Hi, just wondering if you grabbed your cryptkeeper badge yet. It looks like the images aren’t showing up on the countdown to halloween blog but if you just click on the url img source it will open in a new tab so you can save the image to your computer that way *shrugs. That’s what I did.

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